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We don’t do things by halves at Your Treats Bakery, being a family run business, we understand the importance of reliability and good ethics. We listen to our customers frustrations with previous bakers and remedy a much more pleasant process to getting a cake from us.

Great Cake vs Poor Cake


We do not have prices on our site because cakes can change price based on many factors, we will name the most common 3, to help you see our process:

  • Size & Shape
  • Detail
  • Tiers & Layers

We range from different sizes for all the designs seen on our website or in our shop. A larger a cake will mean more fondant, elements, icing, mix and baking time. 12″ (Inch) Square/Round to 4″ (Inch) Square/Round cakes is the normal sizes and request we deal with. this is not limited to these sizes only, as you can have rectangle, triangle or mostly any other shape. We must first secure the size and shape of the cake before we can tell you the exact price.

You are more than welcome to call us on 0203 727 2587 to discuss.

This is normally where the price changes the most, as our hand-made designs are detailed and bespoke to each cake, depending on your requirements. Sometimes what you see on our website looks simple may take longer to design or sculpt, we price accordingly. We are always fair in our pricing of our cakes; therefore, we will always ask you to send us a design or picture first so we can give you the closest idea of how much a cake like the would cost.

We provided sketches for blank bespoke ideas, this is charged at £10 per sketch. This will allow you to see the design in your mind come to life.

You are more than welcome to call us on 0203 727 2587 to discuss.

Our cakes all start at one tier, you’ll most likely would want that, however we can add tiers on top to increase the height and grandeur of your cake. This is a feature most commonly found on wedding cakes. This is something we can cater for to increase the servings amount for your cake.

We also provide extra layers at £15 per layer, this also increases the servings size and ultimate look of the cake, we can range from 2 layers all the way to 8 layers, the latter being most appropriate for rainbow layered cake.

You are more than welcome to call us on 0203 727 2587 to discuss.

Below is a rough guide that will give you a wide outlook of where our prices start from.

Buttercream Delights from £30 (Find out more about our Buttercream Delights)

Wedding Cakes from £199* (Currently we are working with Groupon to bring you a  wedding cake starter deal at £149* 15% Discount – Plain 4 Tier Cake)

Groupon Offer

Themed Cakes from £50*

Icing Sheet Cakes from £40*


  1. Simple Buttercream from £1.50
  2. Buttercream & Discs from £2.00
  3. Sculpted Items from £3.50

We also provide dessert tables for weddings, functions or events please email or ask in store.

We do everything we can to ensure that the prices in store and on our website, is correct, and we try to keep our prices constant. Sometimes we need to change the cost of a product, either up or down. Please give us a call to confirm prices. See pricing terms here.

*This price is for a plain cake covered in fondant, on a board. Design, delivery & certain flavours increase price.