5 Best Wedding Cakes Ideas for 2021

5 Best Wedding Cakes Ideas for 2021

The wedding cake is arguably one of the most important pieces to your wedding. It will likely be the last thing people eat at your wedding, so it is important that the cake leaves your guest with a lasting impression. So we want to kick start you with the 5 Best Wedding Cakes Ideas for 2021.

Picking the perfect wedding cake to reflect the style of your wedding can feel like a daunting task. With millions of flavours and designs, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why here at Your Treats Bakery, we have compiled a list of the top trending wedding cakes to help you narrow down the search for your ideal cake.

1. Traditional Vanilla Wedding Cake

If you’re going for a simple and elegant look, go for a traditional white vanilla wedding cake. Symbolizing class and traditional values, the classic white wedding cakes are anything but boring. They can be decorated with frosting, edible pearls, or even a fondant trim. Vanilla cakes are the top picked cake flavour since the beginning of wedding cake history, and with good reason – they are delicious! From grandparents to young children, this cake is simple and can be enjoyed by all.

2. Fresh Flower Lemon Sponge Wedding Cake

A fresh flower wedding cake can be modified to the style of any wedding. Just match the colour and type of flowers on your cake to your wedding themes and give your wedding a natural and authentic feel. Go with a fluffy lemon sponge flavoured cake, or a sweet berry flavoured cake to compliment the floral colours on the outside of your cake. Whether you are having a modern wedding or a more rustic themed wedding, a floral cake will be a beautiful addition to your dream wedding.

3. Multi Flavoured Three Tiered Wedding Cake

As newly weds, there are many things you will end up compromising on, but a wedding cake is not one of them. With a multi tiered wedding cake, you and your fiancée can each choose the flavours you want. If you end up choosing two or more flavours, you may want to opt for a more tiered cake, since it is likely that your guests may want to try each flavour.

4. Hand Piped Wedding Cake

Hand piped wedding cakes are extremely versatile since you can essentially design whatever you want on your cake. You can have your hand piped wedding cake styled after your wedding dress, or create a laced vintage look. More vintage looking cakes are popularly paired with buttercream, almond, coffee, or champagne flavoured cakes. Hand piped wedding cakes are usually intricate in detail and show your guests the care and attention you put into picking a cake design.

5. White and Gold Wedding Cake

If you are having an extravagant wedding, you will definitely need a lavish cake for the grand finale. With a regal and tasteful wedding cake, your wedding will show your exquisite taste without being overly flashy. The white and gold cake is also perfect for vow renewals and 50 year wedding anniversaries where you are celebrating long term achievement. Choose a rich chocolate, or red velvet cake to complete the bold colours of this elegant cake.

“Mistakes are not good enough for a day you only have one attempt at. There are no rehearsals and no training; you got to get it right … and we get it right.”

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