Cake Shop Front & Business

Cake Shop Front & Business

It has been nearly 8 years, (wow time has flown by) since we started Your Treats Bakery and we are so happy to look at a completed shop front. Thank you to all our customers both frequent and new. Your trust in our ability to deliver quality and professionalism each and every time is invaluable.

Cake Shop Front & Business

We moved from East Ham Market Hall over 2 years ago. We had a unit with shutters with strict market halls opening and closing times.

Now we are situated in Plaistow Newham in our own cake shop with a fresh front for our business. We can open and close to customer needs and also introduce long shift patterns to accommodate more orders. It has been a journey with the refurbishments, fixtures and fittings. We finally have our desired shop sign up and our shop front in the attractive plans we had set out prior to moving in. All be it that there has been a lot of adaptive measures that we have take to ensure it works with the business currently.

We finally have our desired shop sign up

Not only that, we also have seen how our ever-growing customer base has developed over the years. So we wanted to build a shop that reflected our ethics, business mood and customers.

You’re Welcome

Come down and see the transformation of the bakery since 2011, a few pictures inside tell of the incredible journey we have been on as a family business. All the fun deliveries and amazing weddings we’ve serviced.

We welcome you to experience the calm and serene atmosphere, sweet baking aroma and delicious food to purchase. If not you can always give us a call to pre-book an order or discuss the finer details of an existing order.

Our friendly team are always willing and ready to help. See our reviews on Google for our own cake shop with a fresh front for our business.

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