I need a cake! Meet the Buttercream Delight

I need a cake! Meet the Buttercream Delight

Oh no a birthday is around the corner, your budget is a bit tight and you are now looking for a custom cake. One that is very good quality, real cake sponge (not a pre-mix cake mix), what do you do?

We all find ourselves in this situation from time to time. Where can you go to find the answers to those questions?

Pre-mix cake mix is the mix used by most eggless cake makers who have a powdered formula that is sent to them in large 20kg sacks. They add some water or oil too make the mix rise in the oven.

These are similar to our “ever present” supermarkets who sell celebration cakes which has over 40 ingredients in it.

What?!?! I hear you say. Yes over 40 ingredients. Most of which I can’t pronounce unless I spoke an alien language. (Okay maybe I am digging into them a bit too much here.)

However, I don’t think that we should be caught between high priced cakes (which we do) and Pre-mix cake mixed cakes that are dirt cheap. So we came up with the Buttercream Delight. A light and fluffy cake, that is decorated with your personalised message and choice of colours for the decorative swirl icing around our delicious cake.

These cakes can normally be made within 24 hours of order, so if you want a great tasting cake, affordable and personalised give us a call today on 02037272587 or email us here. Our friendly team are on hand to help you.

Rose Swirl Buttercream Delight Cake

Rose Swirl Buttercream Delight Cake

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cake vs covid


One thing that we are sure of at Your Treats bakery, is the need to keep our standards of hygiene and quality right up there with the best.

In this time of uncertainty there are many who find the thought of ordering a cake a dubious one. How can we pick it up? What does delivery look like? How can I know this shop can make a cake for my special occasion?

Even though there are birthday gatherings of just your household, drive by greetings and online chat room celebrations we are still open and ready to deliver that brilliant cake for your special occasion.

Our in-shop meetings are limited to non-contact but our staff are ready and waiting by the phone and email to help.

Contact us on 0203 727 2587 of send us a message here. If you are reading this in opening hours, click our helpful chat window to the bottom right and someone should be along to help you pick your design and flavour.

If this covid pandemic has taught us one thing, it is to maintain the very best standards and practices for our customers, to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

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Cake Shop Front & Business

Cake Shop Front & Business

It has been nearly 8 years, (wow time has flown by) since we started Your Treats Bakery and we are so happy to look at a completed shop front. Thank you to all our customers both frequent and new. Your trust in our ability to deliver quality and professionalism each and every time is invaluable.

Cake Shop Front & Business

We moved from East Ham Market Hall over 2 years ago. We had a unit with shutters with strict market halls opening and closing times.

Now we are situated in Plaistow Newham in our own cake shop with a fresh front for our business. We can open and close to customer needs and also introduce long shift patterns to accommodate more orders. It has been a journey with the refurbishments, fixtures and fittings. We finally have our desired shop sign up and our shop front in the attractive plans we had set out prior to moving in. All be it that there has been a lot of adaptive measures that we have take to ensure it works with the business currently.

We finally have our desired shop sign up

Not only that, we also have seen how our ever-growing customer base has developed over the years. So we wanted to build a shop that reflected our ethics, business mood and customers.

You’re Welcome

Come down and see the transformation of the bakery since 2011, a few pictures inside tell of the incredible journey we have been on as a family business. All the fun deliveries and amazing weddings we’ve serviced.

We welcome you to experience the calm and serene atmosphere, sweet baking aroma and delicious food to purchase. If not you can always give us a call to pre-book an order or discuss the finer details of an existing order.

Our friendly team are always willing and ready to help. See our reviews on Google for our own cake shop with a fresh front for our business.

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