cake vs covid


One thing that we are sure of at Your Treats bakery, is the need to keep our standards of hygiene and quality right up there with the best.

In this time of uncertainty there are many who find the thought of ordering a cake a dubious one. How can we pick it up? What does delivery look like? How can I know this shop can make a cake for my special occasion?

Even though there are birthday gatherings of just your household, drive by greetings and online chat room celebrations we are still open and ready to deliver that brilliant cake for your special occasion.

Our in-shop meetings are limited to non-contact but our staff are ready and waiting by the phone and email to help.

Contact us on 0203 727 2587 of send us a message here. If you are reading this in opening hours, click our helpful chat window to the bottom right and someone should be along to help you pick your design and flavour.

If this covid pandemic has taught us one thing, it is to maintain the very best standards and practices for our customers, to ensure their safety and enjoyment.

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